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Sculptural Concrete Masonry Veneers - 1 LU/HSW
This course describes both the history and current use of sculptural architectural concrete masonry veneers. Participants will learn the historical evolution and development of sculptural concrete masonry veneers and their current possibilities. The course covers how to design and construct sculptural veneers to address moisture management and crack prevention, and identifies key installation and workmanship considerations. Finally, the course addresses how to use kits of sculptural concrete masonry veneers in combination to build durable, resilient, and environmentally beneficial surfaces that create visually appealing spaces that provide a creative environment for building occupants and visitors.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the historical use and development of sculptured concrete masonry veneers.

- Learn essential design detailing required to address moisture penetration resistance and structural wall movement issues

- Understand the key installation and workmanship tasks that will assure long term structural, moisture protection, thermal and aesthetic performance

- Learn how to use kits of sculptural concrete masonry veneer units in a combination of shapes, bond patterns and colors to provide interior and exterior spaces that enhance the welfare of occupants and visitors through creative visual appeal, avoidance of coatings (and potential VOC emissions), sound dampening and the use of passive solar thermal mass strategies while using materials that sequester carbon dioxide from ambient air.

Dec 15, 2021 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Cory Hupp
Director of National Accounts @Concrete Products Group
Cory Hupp is the Director of National Accounts, working with the Concrete Products Group and their members on masonry project development, interfacing with Architects, Engineers and Owners across the country. As an integral member of the Concrete Products Group team, he assists specifiers with introducing masonry into their designs and developing solutions and specifications to project challenges utilizing innovative concrete masonry systems. Cory believes that there is the right material for the right application, and in many cases concrete masonry is that right material. Through assistance in understanding how to best utilize the strengths of the material, he feels that masonry can be a great contributing component on projects. With 17 years of experience throughout the concrete products industry, Cory brings a unique perspective on utilizing masonry solutions on current design challenges and projects. Cory holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State